Monday, September 5, 2016


Hello LA! On Saturday, September 10th at 6:45PM we get to do it again with #iamgangster as an Official Selection of the Chicano International Film Festival! This is a good one too. We’ve had such a great festival run so far and with ChIFF we get to continue that tradition of going to badass festivals, with badass people who don’t care about anything but discovery and good moviemaking.

Right smack in the middle of culturally rich and vibrant East LA – the area in which #iamgangster was shot, which numerous of our first-time actors, advisors, crew members and other collaborators call home – we get to present our movie to the local audience.

This year also marks the impressive 20th anniversary of the fest and we’re excited to be part of this true community festival it promises to be. This is grassroots to the fullest and I hope we can contribute to the discourse surrounding issues like gang and youth violence, which some ELA neighborhoods are struggling with.

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