Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I Am Gangster at XIV. Dances With Films

Our festival run is soon coming to an end and it looks like we’re going out with a bang! I’m very excited to announce I Am Gangster has been selected for this year's Defiantly Independent XIV. Dances With Films festival here in Hollywood, CA - the lion’s den - taking place June 2nd - 12th 2016.

I Am Gangster is an LA movie through and through. Albeit revolving around universal themes, the issues we’re dealing with have a uniquely LA character. It was also conceived and realized entirely here in LA, with an LA cast and crew, and it was all shot on LA locations, which could tell their own stories of tragedy, abandonment, connection and love. In that sense we feel especially grateful that the film is given the chance to be screened for the people who had a part in making it - no matter how big or small it was - and for those who are affected by the issues portrayed in it.

The screening in one of the TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood promises to be in glorious audio-visual quality, the most ideal setting it can be enjoyed in, the setting it was made for. This is the ultimate and I would love for you to watch and judge the film yourself.


We’ll have more info on tickets very, very soon but I can tell you the screening will be June 11th, 9:30PM. So mark your calendars! For now, take a look at the entire line up of all the other interesting work being presented and you can check out the trailer for I Am Gangster to get in the mood. If you haven’t, I invite you to sign up for our newsletter here, and follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter to stay in the loop.

More soon!

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