Monday, August 31, 2015

A Release

This one’s for all of you non-industry folks, to which this industry might seem like a mystery. It really is different than any other, not just because of the streets paved with shattered dreams of fame and fortune and the small percentage of the industry that actually makes a living much less becomes “rich” and “famous”.

We recently completed post-production on our feature drama I Am Gangster and we’re working to secure distribution to release the film. For smaller indie films like ours there are more avenues today than ever to achieve that. Different films are suitable for different distribution models but what most filmmakers still seek more than anything is recognition, press and the market that comes with getting selected by a major film festival.

Many festivals, especially the prestigious ones, register around 10k feature film submissions a year so competition is substantial. Along with Hollywood studios, producers and stars, festival regulars, maybe a festival’s own talent development program and a good dose of politics you need a decent film but what’s equally important is the ability to hustle your way past everyone else and into the sustained attention of a programmer.

Through the connections that we have we’re raising awareness for Gangster at different festivals to find the best platform to premiere and screen the movie to a general audience for the first time. It would be incredible if this happened in LA, where this movie is rooted, where it was conceived and where many of our cast and crew members, our friends and families would be able to attend.

Until that happens we’re preparing as best as possible. We’re approaching sales agents – usually brokers between filmmakers and distributors – who might take an interest and help fast track it to a festival. A sales agent also observes how a film performs in front of an audience and determines its potential value for a distributor before they’re approached.

But first and foremost we’re dependent on a festival premiere and if you’re subscribed to this blog, follow our Facebook page or follow me on Twitter you’ll be the first one to know when it’s going down!

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