Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Featured Cast: Abraham Bobadilla

Abraham was born in the Maravilla neighborhood of East Los Angeles. During his youth he joined a tagging crew and although he wouldn’t end up graduating to the local gang he learned what gang life was about. While his girlfriend at the time was pregnant he got arrested by the cops retaliating against a rival tagger. Abraham now found himself locked up while on the outside his son was born. Missing out on his little boy’s first years he considers one of the most painful chapters of his life.

After his release from jail the non-profit gang intervention and rehabilitation center Homeboy Industries gave him a job and helped him get his life on track. During that time he was also cast as Lito, a principal role in the upcoming Reflektiv feature I Am Gangster. He views the entertainment industry with mixed feelings but is open for opportunities in or outside the industry. Not everything is perfect today, setbacks can be hard to deal with, but unlike the character he played in Gangster, he looks positively into the future.

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  1. Way to go... This boy has been through alot at his young age. I'm really proud of the man that he's become...