Monday, March 16, 2015

The Cast and the Crew

A successful film production hinges on so many things and I’ve written about how I was able to stay focused on the big picture, and based on all our hard work trust that things will work out. With all the challenges and obstacles you face it’s crucial to have faith in the operation. And this film would not be what it is if it hadn’t been for this special cast and this extraordinary crew that came together to do some crazy things for four weeks in November 2013.

I've been lucky, truly blessed – a word not usually part of my repertoire but as you might have noticed describing this production had me resorting to intangible adjectives before – to work with this kind, hard-working, talented and skilled group of people.

Our casting director Zora found the perfect talent to complement our first-time actors. We had an insane number of locations, which means company moves and sets to dress and strike. Brandon and his art department crew rose above themselves and made things happen that didn’t always seem possible. Heather, the lead make-up boss, indulged our obsessive approach to tattoos and turned it into a manageable operation, and good-looking results.

Then there’s our DP Lyn and his cinematography department. He was generous enough to spend some time with me during pre-production to hash out the visual language with which we wanted to tell this story and I’m amazed how beautiful it turned out to be.

Eli, our coach and AD, kept everyone in line; Sage kept us sane and on track; Eric and his stunt crew kept the cast safe; Rich and his impeccable ears were absolutely invaluable; Nick and Richard and the grip guys, always hospitable, always had a spare cigarette for this guy; Chanel, my organized scriptie side-kick made sure we actually shot every scene in the book; Rob from transpo, got us great rides and Victor and his costume department ladies truly made our cast look their part.

I want to thank all of you, and all those not mentioned here. I wonder what it took to get you all together and I believe Ralf once again had a hand in this, closely followed by our AD Eli, because great people attract great people, and great people hire great people and Ralf and Eli are pretty great. It was an incredible ride and I hope to do it again with you. Look out for featured profiles of our cast and crew. Coming up, right here.


  1. When will we be able to see the film? I had a small role in the production.
    Thank you, Moritz.

    Best Regards,
    Eddie J.

  2. Hi Eddie, working on a festival premiere right now so hopefully soon! I will post updates here as they become available.