Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Featured Collaborators: Chicano Batman

The goal of Citizen’s film music was to not only support the action on screen but to represent the incredible diversity of genres, sounds and influences as well as contemporary voices of the Mexican-American and the East Los Angeles music scene in particular. One of those acts I will have the pleasure of featuring in the film is an unusual band of LA natives called Chicano Batman.

Here are these “East LA fusionists” (LA Times), that band of “working class super heroes” (Batman/Rhonda Nicole – Soul Train) in their own words:

"Chicano Batman’s music emanates from the soul, shaped in the womb, manifested from colorful tapes and scratched up records. In 2008, the band was founded in the sprawling Latin American-infused metropolis of Los Angeles. The members of the original trio, composed of Eduardo Arenas (bass, vocals), Bardo Martinez (guitar, organ, vocals) and Gabriel Villa (drums, vocals), were raised on Spanish language ballads, […] classic oldies anthems, […] dance floor hip shakers […] and the Brazilian sounds of Caetano Veloso along with closet-full of influences spanning the world over. Their debut album Chicano Batman was an instant hit, establishing Chicano Batman as a band that knows how to skillfully fuse the old with the new.

[Chicano Batman’s] songs are peppered with breaks of all shapes and sizes designed to enthrall the audience and uplift energies. As each song ends, one has a better idea of what Chicano Batman is. They remind you of your parents when they were conceiving you, live and in full effect, like sweat drenched baby blue ruffles in a crowded bar full of cinematic sounds where you find yourself holding your date closer as you both await the next adventure. Many have shed tears at a Chicano Batman show, and many more will surely feel the depth of their expression.

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