Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Chapter's End

Going into the prep phase, two weeks out from our scheduled shoot date, all the thorough planning and organizing was starting to pay off. It was fascinating and exciting to see how it was coming together, how the wheels were turning. It was like riding a wave I couldn’t escape anymore. I had to let go and ride that damn thing, which otherwise would’ve wiped me out like nobody’s business. That’s where I found faith, faith in the process, faith in the crew I was lucky to have, the cast I was lucky to have, faith that we’d get it done. Having that faith, letting go, being able to let life happen was a sublime experience. Not that there weren’t any sleepless nights and countless unexpected, potentially disastrous turns of events challenging my Zen-like state of mind.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Featured Collaborators: Chicano Batman

The goal of Citizen’s film music was to not only support the action on screen but to represent the incredible diversity of genres, sounds and influences as well as contemporary voices of the Mexican-American and the East Los Angeles music scene in particular. One of those acts I will have the pleasure of featuring in the film is an unusual band of LA natives called Chicano Batman.