Monday, August 4, 2014


A brief recap: We shot the movie in November/December 2013, a 24-day whirlwind through East and Northeast LA while our editor Augie Robles was already working on an assembly. It clocked in at 127 minutes when he was done and the first viewing I did in January was looking promising. I learned one thing at least, that we didn’t need to reshoot anything.

Four weeks later we had a solid cut of just under two hours, pretty close to the script and what I had you think? What does she think? What do I think? What do I have to keep, what do I really need to let go? When is it "done”? A few easy questions that popped into my mind during editing.
in mind for the finished film. We screened the film to get some responses, some input and ideas on what areas might still need some work. Is it too long, does this need to be cut, what is the purpose of this, what’s the purpose of that? What do

I was lucky I had a great editor in Augie as well as a great test audience who challenged me and weren’t afraid to speak their mind. As irritating and confusing and painful it can be it helps tremendously in not just assessing how a larger audience might respond to the film but also in finding my own position towards the editorial issues in question. Then after about 18 cuts we locked picture in late May.

After five days of pre-mixing the sound mix as a whole is almost done, our music is being finalized, VFX work is already completed and later this week we're scheduled to finish color correction. We’re really on the home stretch now folks with a final sound mix day scheduled for August 16th. Then we’ll sandwich all these pieces together in a DCP so this baby can be sent out into the world.

Until then, you're welcome to check out some more photos from the shoot here, and stay tuned for teasers, trailers, stills and posters coming your way in the next few weeks.


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