Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Suivalc - Chand

You might be wondering, What the hell does that mean? Well, Suivalc is Clavius spelled backwards and Clavius is one of the biggest craters on the moon named after 16th century German mathematician and astronomer Christopher Clavius. One more thing, which Suivalc, an experimental electronic music duo from Los Angeles has in common with Tycho, an ambient music artist and producer also based in Los Angeles. But this is not about Tycho.

Suivalc consists of Chris Thoren, a Sci-Fi and horror film nerd, and Alfredo Miranda, a full-blooded musician. They came together to play with found sounds, noises and vintage recordings paired with minimal soundscapes over hypnotic, sometimes surprisingly catchy beats. But Suivalc don't want to "just be enjoyed". By messing with your expectations they uncover those places in between. They're on a mission of discovery much like astronauts, which you'll find reflected in their imagery, art work and self-made, spontaneous found footage videos.

One of my peers at Calarts, Chris asked me if I wanted to do a music video for any of their tracks and I said yes. It was a welcome distraction from my development grind and since I had absolute creative freedom and a budget to shoot on celluloid, it was an opportunity to make some art again, tickling and training my instincts and my intuition. The result is a somewhat conceptual stream of consciousness and an attempt to get behind the facade of the most photographed city in the world. I did feel a little bit like doing magic while I was shooting, swinging the camera like a sorcerer his wand, transforming things, abstracting, obfuscating, penetrating the cracks on the surface.

Now put on some headphones, watch and listen. Maybe you'll like it.

Suivalc - Chand from Moritz Rechenberg on Vimeo.

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