Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Process - Prospects

An account of the recent developments of the ‘Citizen’ project.

So, after being holed-up in my studio for the last 2 ½ years – with the exception of my work at a youth jail in Norwalk or my trips to Moreno Valley to get to know and spend time with youth offenders of all stripes and colors, two upbeat and disarmingly charming youngsters in particular – I was able to create a solid foundation, I find it a promising foundation, for Citizen. I’ve been searching and collecting more titles, by the way. I want to publish some options soon.

After some good notes and input from a number of people, including some incredibly helpful retired Los Angeles Sheriffs Deputies, I was able to produce a lean, still complex draft of the script at the beginning of this year. After all the researching and writing it finally felt like I had something strong enough that represents the story and the way it needs to be told. It was time to get proactive and take this baby to the next level, to package this with a talented and determined crew, to secure further financing and decide on a schedule for production.

That prospect can be truly overwhelming, I mean, where do you start? You need a complete change of attitude and approach to work when you get to that point, you need to flip the switch, shift up a gear. When you’re in your writing bubble the thought about the responsibility of producing and directing a film involving dozens of people, a significant amount of money, with a subject matter like ours and the approach we’re taking, seems surreal at times.

But honestly, it was just fucking time to move forward, to put the project out there and let it loose on the world. The process is at the core of my fascination, my passion of creating and producing a motion picture, to see it through from start to finish with a healthy “no-matter-whatness” as Father Greg Boyle of Homeboy Industries likes to say. Watching it grow, take its own dynamic, living those moments when you realize you’ve started something and it’s becoming alive to me is truly magical and exciting. Well, after some tougher stretches I’ve tasted some of those joys in the past weeks but we’re still far from shooting the first frame. More soon.

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