Monday, December 5, 2011

Tony and Will - Part 2

Tony, Will and I would hang out every month or so. Then signs appeared of them losing interest and patience, calls weren’t always returned, conversations went nowhere. At some point Tony told me he was hanging out with his old clique in his old neighborhood. I generally tried to be motivational and encouraging without overstepping boundaries but I couldn’t do much else but to ignore their fading interest for now, it was time to do some work and talk some business.

I handed them release agreements, contracts about how much they would get paid and that under certain guidelines the information they share gives me all rights to use it. This part is always the ugliest, where you protect yourself, both sides, from potential infringement from the other; you boil down everything to a sober, intimidating piece of paper, you kinda sell your soul – at least that’s what it might have felt like for them. And in gang circles that can be a sensitive issue, talking about your life in the gang.

The “business” meeting was our last meeting. I was on the phone one more time with Will who seemed to be doing good and after a couple more unreturned calls I stopped. While earlier they’ve been in touch with some folks back at the SYCRCC, no one has heard anything from either of them for some time now. I blame it on a mix of lack of interest, impatience and discontent with the legal aspects of it. I want to think they moved on, doing their thing, doing what they have to do or working some job maybe, getting by just fine.

The names of the people in this post were changed. 

UPDATE: After 6 months Tony got back in touch with me recently – on Facebook. Seems like he’s been doing good. His lifestyle, he said, is hard to explain. We’re planning on meeting up this week sometime.

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