Thursday, July 14, 2011

Making it fit - Part 1

While writing the screenplay for Citizen I encountered a common obstacle: trimming your story. But let me back up. We have arrived in the age of Media 2.0 and at Reflektiv we embrace new possibilities in producing, exhibiting and distributing films. This is nothing new to anyone working in the Media field and I’ve written about this before but the revolutionary leap the entertainment industry has gone through in just the last five years is unprecedented.

Nobody really knows where this is going, and how can you? Technology is evolving at a breathtaking pace and media with it. It’s a little anarchic. But we – the independent film community – are creating a systemic foundation for the decades to come (and from an independent filmmaker’s point of view it looks like we’re beating the studio dinosaurs to it).

So, while I’m kind of traditional by heart, as a producer I’m excited about the myriad of new options available to us to transport this story we’re working on to your local theater screens, your TV screens, laptops, tablets and smartphones. But technology is not just making all that possible but rather forcing its respective format onto the creator, the artist. 

This brings me back to my original problem: editing my story. Editing is essential to the development of a screenplay and most of the time a screenplay benefits from cutting, sometimes even what you thought were essential parts for the sake of a lean, precise and consumable 1½ hour movie. But you might also encounter the problem of just having too much to say about your topic and while you could just make a TV show, I am wondering if any of the storytelling innovations (the results of technological innovation) that sprung up during the last few years could be a solution to that. More brainstorming in Part 2.

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