Tuesday, December 7, 2010



Some news and an outlook of what's to come:

✭ The Assassination of a Citizen’s been in development for pretty much exactly a year now. After some initial ideas were gathered, I learned of the tragic murder of Sherriff’s Deputy Abel Escalante (broken down in this article in the LAWeekly). I wanted to further explore his ambitious personality and the circumstances that lead to his death and because the incident involved gang-related violence I decided to make it part of the story environment I had already created for Citizen. The word “story” rarely does justice in this context, but that’s another story. No pun intended. I am also in talks with another friend of mine to join the Citizen writing force. Another set of fresh, unique eyes could give the story valuable depth and complexity.

I spent months creating the foundation for Reflektiv and its first project…Read more on Development, recruiting gang members and hiring Sherriffs HERE.

✭ After many months researching, interviewing and investigating a first rough draft of the Citizen screenplay is now fresh off the press! It counts 162 mean pages and after a little cleaning up on my part it will undergo a first thorough distillation and quality control by the skilled hands of fellow Calartian and Scagnetti Filmwerks mogul Mark McKeown. 


✭ On November 4th 2010 Ticked screened at the RADAR Hamburg Int’l Film Festival, its second festival this year, which marks its European premiere. Unfortunately, again I wasn’t able to attend out of scheduling conflicts and no offense Hamburg but it just didn’t make much sense to go to Europe for one night. 

✭ The websites of two of my previous short films received a gentle facelift:

Check out Buenos Dias, a film portrait of a Los Angeles neighborhood and its people, their work and workspace. The complete film is available for viewing for free! 

The other is my latest short Ticked, which deals with gang-related youth violence in Los Angeles. No freebie here but if you’re looking for ways to support, feel free to purchase a copy stuffed with plenty of extra features!

➡ As usual, let’s collaborate! We are always looking for motivated (the most valuable trait), adventurous and creative people for the following departments: Writer, Producer, Cinematography, Art Direction, Sound, Music, Investors.
Hit me up!

Up next for us at Reflektiv:


Website: The long planned launch of the Official Reflektiv Website had to be postponed and is now scheduled for late January. It'll feature all the data and media surrounding Reflektiv and it's projects as well as shop where a few items will already be on sale.

Script: once this second draft, which is in the works right now is completed, we’ll be going through a few more of those to flesh out the essence of the story. After that I will sit down with the homies and Sherriff’s to make sure certain aspects of the story are portrayed accurately. 

Thanks for your interest guys and girls! Stay tuned for more soon. We'll venture out to raise money, get a crew together, and shoot a film! 

Have a great start into the new year! 


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