Monday, November 29, 2010

Developing "Citizen", recruiting talent and hiring Sherriffs

The Assassination of a Citizen’s been in development for pretty much exactly a year now. After some initial ideas were gathered, I learned of the tragic murder of Sherriff’s Deputy Abel Escalante (broken down in this article in the LAWeekly). I wanted to further explore his ambitious personality and the circumstances that lead to his death and because the incident involved gang-related violence I decided to make it part of the story environment I had already created for Citizen. The word “story” rarely does justice in this context, but that’s another story. No pun intended.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Meeting Tony

The story of my current film project WT: Citizen is told from three primary perspectives: the one of Deputy Flores a custody deputy with the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, Diego, a normal teenager with a solid upbringing drawn to his local street gang and Flaco, a young, hard core street gangster. In order to tell this story authentically and as realistic as possible I am collaborating with people who want to contribute their knowledge and their experiences and thus make it possible to develop an organic story that is rooted in every day life.