Friday, June 18, 2010

2010 1/2

Fellow humans,

Wow, the weeks and months have been passing by quick. First half of 2010: Check! But stuff is going down. World economy melt down 2.0, Gulf of Mexico is filled up to the brim with oil and some people are holding tea parties. I mean come on, this is really not the time for this. But thank god we’re learning from our mistakes and everything will be better in the future. Right? Yeah, right. Back to 1 everybody.

In a nutshell:

✭ The Reflektiv Film Company now has its headquarters in Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA USA. I couldn’t imagine a better place than this.


Right in between Hollywood, Burbank, Downtown LA and the Eastside – the area of my current cinematic focus. On top of that Reflektiv is housed at Rick Rubin’s former studio. Sweet!

LEAVESTicked has gotten some attention and was selected to screen at the Bronx International Film Festival on June 18th 8PM. Check it out if you’re around! It’s a small community festival with a nice charm to it with the goal of bringing the arts to the Bronx and promoting its rich and diverse culture.

Also, stay tuned for a new REVISITED edition of Ticked coming on DVD soon!

✭ Since January I’ve been busy researching and developing “The Assassination of a Citizen” (temp title) my current film project (Connect and you can get the inside scoop of what’s going on!).

To get in touch with some of the seriously troubled youth and to get a better idea of the circumstances some of them are in, I’m in the process of becoming a volunteer at the Southern Youth Correctional Reception Center/Clinic in Norwalk. The film will primarily deal with Diego and Flaco, two very different youngsters exposed to gang life on different levels but the film also explores the story of murdered Abel Escalante, an ambitious young cop. To expand the research I’ve done so far I will go on the first of a series of ride-alongs with the LAPD next week to get a better idea of the realities of being a cop in this city. I mean really, it is a war out there. We just don’t see it.

✭ As some of you already know Spencer Ockwell from the Hammered Company is in charge of creating art for Reflektiv as well as the Citizen project. Check out some of these initial designs:

logotype2        logotype13        logotype7
© 2010 Reflektiv, LLC

I love what he and his collaborator Barney have been doing so far. He’s basically in charge of creating the whole look for Reflektiv and Citizen.

        logo1       logo2
        logo3       logo4
© 2010 Reflektiv, LLC

I'm working on several channels for you to communicate with me and to interact and if you want to get involved with Reflektiv and Citizen. I’ve set up a couple of sites (below) and the official Reflektiv website should be up and running by August. I even got into tweeting ( and blogging ( and, you know, its fun! Check in at the platform of your choice and holler at me! But sometimes I rant, so beware.

I want you to know, all this is done with you in mind: my friends and family and fans and followers. I deeply appreciate your interest and feedback because I stand and fall with you!

On that note…peace and prosperity to you all!

Back soon,


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