Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Ho Ho Ho, it's Santa Ticked,

How's everybody? In Christmas mood yet? I just got back to Germany for two weeks of family, friends, Glühwein, Christkind, Nikolaus, Bavarian beer and snow. I hope people take the opportunity to think about something else than film and fame and the arts. I guess I am not. After this I will.

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by Vim Crony

After all I managed to finish a 1st rough cut of TICKED last week. I approached it in chronological order but haven't watched it as a whole. It's good. It warms my heart. In late January, early February we'll go out and re-shoot a few details and get some pickup shots. Picture lock by April. My good friend Raymond Lee will do sound design and create a sound sphere that'll blow us all away. Loren White who was also DP will provide color correction. I'm not sure about the score yet. Very reduced if any. I'm thinking of an occasional lonely trumpet or a sax. Some minor VFX need to be done, which there are a few options for who could do it. And Donovan is working diligently to give Ticked a face. Not just for the website but for the major marketing offensive we'll be starting next year ;). No seriously he's done some drawings and designs that I felt capture and enhance the tone and the feel of the film itself just perfectly.

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by Vim Crony

To be honest I hope this film will make its way out to some people mostly because it might just be a good film. I hate advertising. Doing this Myspace thing is fun but it's stretching it. I've also tried the email newsletter thing but man, I'm not a spammer, which I would be just by definition. Maybe I'll flood the city with postcards and prints on walls and boardwalks where nobody knows where they come from. I could do that.

This project is a piece of my f***ing heart.

I wish you guys all the best for the new year.


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