Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hey there, you exceptional people!

Another month has passed and things are moving pretty smoothly. Smoothly but not as fast as expected. As always. Yesterday I was editing a longer, a pivotal scene of the film and it turned out pretty neat. So I'm excited. Some other areas will need some closer attention, though. Sound will be a challenge in some areas. I'll make it work. 

Vim Crony is making some good progress with designing the official website. I'm excited to see what he came up with! Man, I love collaborating. Speaking of which, as I told you I finally had to come up with a title for the film. The project is still "The Hazard Park Project" but we found a title for the film. After the great input of some of you guys I stormed my brain and out came a list that included names like:

loaded, teed, crooked, trigger, lives / colliding lives / our lives / our life, click, turn

My East LA crew and I sat down and discussed ideas and ultimately credit goes to my co-producer and Teen Club manager Monique Moncayo with coming up with the idea for the title. It is:
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I think it has the right meaning, not too heavy, it's memorable, pretty much unused as a title, and it has the right sound. I like it!

I hope you enjoy the new Behind the Scenes clips and the stills I put up...

That's it for now. More dorky philosophies next time – hopefully on ticked's new home and a myspace makeover with the new Profile 2.0 editor.


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