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HAZARDPARKBLOG 10/13/2008 - Progress, Clips and Punk Rockers

Friends…of THE PROJECT!

A little recap:
We commenced principal photography on June 30th 2008. We shot for a total of 17 days. We wrapped principal photography on August 1st 2008. And we actually shot about 95% of the film – which I was seriously doubting for a while. I already found some continuity breaks that have to be fixed i.e. re-shot and we're missing some inserts but that's it. 

Well, after that I took a much needed break and went back to Germany to catch up with friends and family. I've been back in LA now for a couple of weeks looking for jobs, prepping my grad school apps and so far I've been editing some BEHIND THE SCENES footage shot by Louie Gonzales during the production. Check it out, it's on the page NOW! MYSPACE.COM/TICKEDFILM. I'll put up more and more possibly every week, so stay tuned. 

I'm still struggling to bring you guys great quality ON the actual page but youtube wouldn't let you embed hi-res clips. I'll be working on that. By December I'd like to go online with a separate website that will be nicer and better to navigate and where eventually the film will be released. I'll do everything I can to present it to you in hi-res HD quality video, nice 'n big. And I'm glad to announce that debunked punker Vim Crony will be in charge of the official website for the film!


I started editing the first scene of the actual film a few days ago. It'll be a good chunk of work and realistically it's impossible to have a finished product by the end of the year. You'll have to bear with me. Lets's say: "COMING SPRING 2009." Until then I'll be providing you guys with some nice little treats you'll hopefully enjoy!

Oh yeah, another pressing issue: NAME. The Hazard Park Project sounds great but it obviously won't work for the film. Asking YOU kind of makes no sense either but in case you're having an epiphany, LET ME KNOW! Maybe I'll put up the screenplay so you can read it and deduce something from there. Finding a name is a delicate thing. Sometimes it comes to me quickly and without any doubt, like BUENOS DIAS. But with this one nothing has come to me yet.

This has been my most ambitious project so far, by far. I learned a lot. In every way. And I know this was one of the most memorable things I have ever done in my life.

What was yours?

Yours truly,

Kokee & Titus

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