Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HAZARDPARKBLOG 08/21/2008 - Interlude

My Friends,

It's been way too long since the last time I wrote on this blog and updated this page. I really wanted to make this an accompanying platform to let you know what was happening with us in Boyle Heights.

Well, obviously this is a whole job of its own and similar to other positions I "consolidated" in myself, I need to hire able people next time. It's been a blast though – with failure and success seemingly never far apart. But isn't it amazing how the really good days – even if they seemed to be the minority at first – are the ones that shape your memory?

At least that's how I feel with this gig. But one thing is for sure: the more I had to fight to keep this thing together the more rewarding every little step we made forward became. I also realized, as long as you keep moving forward, keep somewhat focused on your goal, if you're flexible and open to alternatives, you'll get there. And that's when luck comes tapping on your shoulder. I don't think I ever challenged luck as much as I did these last 2 months.


Man I hope these little-man's-philosophies will get me through life. That's at least what keeps me going. Especially when they come from smart people. My father was a smart man. Difficult and stubborn at times I heard but he had the ability, vision and courage to believe in (or just dream of) an idea and follow through with it. He liked this one quote by the poet Hermann Hesse: 'To achieve the possible, the impossible must be attempted again and again.' It's a little cheesy but it's optimistic and encouraging.


To the crew: You're the best. I miss you guys. You drove me insane and I am broke from all the Shakey's and Tepeyac's but you brought this project to life and I felt like part of your big family. It's about you.

Let's leave it at that. More facts, anecdotes and content in the next edition of HAZARDPARKBLOG.



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