Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Dear Hazard Parkers,

This is an important point in the long production of this project. It’s come a long way and I spent a significant amount of my life with this. Here’s a few news:

- Thanks to great constructive feedback of many, Ticked has reached Picture Lock. Now it will be exciting to see what the expertise of my friends Ray Lee and Loren White will add to the film. They are in charge of Sound Design/Mix/Score and Color Correction/VFX respectively. Early August the film will have its premiere in Ramona Gardens, Boyle Heights, East Los, the place where it was conceived.



- The long announced official website - designed by genius Vim Crony* - is launched, up and running and ready for your enjoyment HERE . Check it out. It’s dope.

- To give you a taste of the film I uploaded a first TEASER. More of those and a TRAILER will follow regularly.

- The final 3 BEHIND-THE-SCENES clips are online. If you haven’t watched the previous ones...get with the program!

Wish y’all (my Girlfriend brings out the Texan in me) a great Summer. Next time I'll have the completed film for you.



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