Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HAZARDPARKBLOG 03/17/2009 - Spring in Hazard Park


another long overdue edition of the Hazard Park Project Blog accompanied by more content to enjoy. Take a minute. The year is way underway and the weeks are just flying by. For the longest time I tried to figure out a technique to upload video clips in the highest quality. I will not get into details but thanks to my friend Brett things are moving again. There is some fun stuff to look at and I’ll just say be advised of some language ☺


Spring is coming to Hazard Park and it’s hard to believe nine months have already passed since shooting Ticked. The last two weekends we took some pick-ups in Boyle Heights and managed to finally get all the missing shots and inserts. We had to fix some continuity errors and record some ADR. I haven’t had a look at the rough cut for two months now and I’m excited to finally sit down again with fresh eyes and produce a final cut ASAP. The film is now scheduled for an early June release.


I will post a few more BtS clips in the coming weeks (I have to admit though I’m running out of new images to post). A meeting with HPP’s webmaster Vim “master designer” Crony next weekend will determine the launch of the official website where everything will be viewable in a more exciting way. It’ll be bomb. Vim is now also attached to create the Title sequence and credits for the film.

I wish you all a great Spring!

Till soon…


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