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HAZARDPARKBLOG 06/29/2008 - Ranting

Friends of the Hazard Park Project,

I am actually finding time to write the 2nd episode in the ongoing Production blog of this project. And that's good because I want you all to know what's going on. And it's good because that means that everything that can actively be prepared for a shooting day is pretty much "prepared".

Yes, you heard right. And sometimes I have to remind myself too. Time has passed very quickly, a lot of things got done and the first day of shooting is tomorrow Monday June 30th of 2008. 

Once you're out of college you realize how much easier it was making a film as a student. And sometimes I think that Film School did in fact not prepare you enough for "How to survive" as a filmmaker here in LA. Permits, for example and all that comes with it. Alright, do it guerilla style. But that sucks too because for all things on a shoot you need time if you want to do it right. So if you want to shoot in a public space they want your cash (The State of California doesn't charge you a permit fee. Isn't that great? You only have to pay processing of $80. And if it's a "Historic" park for example, which a lot of them are, a monitor is obligatory, which also means that the processing fee gets bumped up to $200 and the monitor costs juicy $79 an hour, because it's probably a peace officer). I sympathize with the city and state trying to get their share of Hollywood money. And things have to have their order (I as a German know that. We're all about order. And bureaucracy. Bureaucracy was founded in Germany. The Japanese were pretty good at it too, just take a look at Kurosawa's Ikiru). But me? And hundreds of others like me?

Tomorrow we're shooting the "Cornfield Park" scene, which actually is a pivotal scene in the movie where the protagonist ANGEL's inner strife is revealed. The Los Angeles State Historic Park AKA The Cornfield is a park East of Downtown Los Angeles and actually used to be a cornfield a few years ago. It was an installation to commemorate the origins of LA and the tragic fate of the Chavez Ravine close by. When I came here for the first time I had the wildest imaginations. A Cornfield in the middle of LA? But it was gone. And the park is really nothing spectacular. But I decided to shoot there anyway. It's got a nice view of Downtown and I hope we can capture some of its significance.

Tuesday is the second day of shooting before we will continue on Sunday. Mostly interiors of Angel's home. It's actually Kokee's home who is playing Angel and it's in the Ramona Gardens projects in Boyle Heights. Most of the people are so amazingly helpful, cooperative and nice I forget about the fact that we're in putatively "unsafe" gang territory.

Alright folks that's it for now. Keep your fingers crossed. We will need it. I'll keep you posted.



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