Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Developing Reflektiv/Ticked DVD out Now!

Hi friends,
What’s poppin? I hope you all got off to a good start into the new year. Well, things are not much different, are they? Anyway, I always see it as a renewal, time to reflect the last year, and contemplate the next. I wouldn’t get anywhere if I didn’t. I need a plan. When I go back to Germany I always go to my father’s grave up the mountain at St. Margarethen, which is a church with a tiny cemetery and an amazing view over the Inntal. And I think. My father was a great inspiration and if anybody, I hope he’s got an eye on what I’m brewing up here.

Here’s some news for you from the REFLEKTIV kitchen…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic- I produced an extensive DVD of TICKED. With the film I stuffed all the behind-the-scenes footage on there, trailers and teasers, deleted scenes, the production blog and a selection of subtitles. Let me know if you want one and I’ll send it over, for $10 (domestic US) or €10 (Europe) + Shipping & Handling. Until Reflektiv is opening its store please EMAIL me if you'd like to order a DVD.

- What is Reflektiv you say? It is the recently established label under which I will be making films from now on. Everything about Reflektiv can be found at Reflektiv on Myspace or Reflektiv on Facebook while we're working on a site.

- So, while Ticked is being reviewed at Festivals I’m working to get my first feature off the ground. I have a business plan and a treatment and after some more research I’m gonna sit down to write the screenplay for it. Shooting is scheduled for early 2011. 

- Stay tuned for job vacancies! Oh and if you’re feeling adventurous enough to produce, I want to know! Also: Webmasters and Graphic Designers holler at me! 

- Synopsis of the Untitled Reflektiv Project:

While Diego, a well educated but insecure youngster, gets more and more intrigued by his gangbanger buddy Flaco’s lifestyle, one honorable workingman becomes the target of gang politics.

That’s it for today folks. More next time – from the REFLEKTIV FILM CO’s headquarters in LA.


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