Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Developing Reflektiv/Ticked DVD out Now!

Hi friends,
What’s poppin? I hope you all got off to a good start into the new year. Well, things are not much different, are they? Anyway, I always see it as a renewal, time to reflect the last year, and contemplate the next. I wouldn’t get anywhere if I didn’t. I need a plan. When I go back to Germany I always go to my father’s grave up the mountain at St. Margarethen, which is a church with a tiny cemetery and an amazing view over the Inntal. And I think. My father was a great inspiration and if anybody, I hope he’s got an eye on what I’m brewing up here.

Here’s some news for you from the REFLEKTIV kitchen…


My people,
It is time. Time to announce the completion of this short film called TICKED. 

A lot has happened since I punched in the first keys on my computer to conceive what would become THE HAZARD PARK PROJECT. Almost 2 years in fact. Of course it took a lot longer than expected. I hope to commit full time to future projects, which are in development right now. Stay tuned!


Dear Hazard Parkers,

This is an important point in the long production of this project. It’s come a long way and I spent a significant amount of my life with this. Here’s a few news:

- Thanks to great constructive feedback of many, Ticked has reached Picture Lock. Now it will be exciting to see what the expertise of my friends Ray Lee and Loren White will add to the film. They are in charge of Sound Design/Mix/Score and Color Correction/VFX respectively. Early August the film will have its premiere in Ramona Gardens, Boyle Heights, East Los, the place where it was conceived.

HAZARDPARKBLOG 03/17/2009 - Spring in Hazard Park


another long overdue edition of the Hazard Park Project Blog accompanied by more content to enjoy. Take a minute. The year is way underway and the weeks are just flying by. For the longest time I tried to figure out a technique to upload video clips in the highest quality. I will not get into details but thanks to my friend Brett things are moving again. There is some fun stuff to look at and I’ll just say be advised of some language ☺


Ho Ho Ho, it's Santa Ticked,

How's everybody? In Christmas mood yet? I just got back to Germany for two weeks of family, friends, Gl├╝hwein, Christkind, Nikolaus, Bavarian beer and snow. I hope people take the opportunity to think about something else than film and fame and the arts. I guess I am not. After this I will.


Hey there, you exceptional people!

Another month has passed and things are moving pretty smoothly. Smoothly but not as fast as expected. As always. Yesterday I was editing a longer, a pivotal scene of the film and it turned out pretty neat. So I'm excited. Some other areas will need some closer attention, though. Sound will be a challenge in some areas. I'll make it work. 

HAZARDPARKBLOG 10/13/2008 - Progress, Clips and Punk Rockers

Friends…of THE PROJECT!

A little recap:
We commenced principal photography on June 30th 2008. We shot for a total of 17 days. We wrapped principal photography on August 1st 2008. And we actually shot about 95% of the film – which I was seriously doubting for a while. I already found some continuity breaks that have to be fixed i.e. re-shot and we're missing some inserts but that's it. 

HAZARDPARKBLOG 08/21/2008 - Interlude

My Friends,

It's been way too long since the last time I wrote on this blog and updated this page. I really wanted to make this an accompanying platform to let you know what was happening with us in Boyle Heights.

Well, obviously this is a whole job of its own and similar to other positions I "consolidated" in myself, I need to hire able people next time. It's been a blast though – with failure and success seemingly never far apart. But isn't it amazing how the really good days – even if they seemed to be the minority at first – are the ones that shape your memory?

HAZARDPARKBLOG 06/29/2008 - Ranting

Friends of the Hazard Park Project,

I am actually finding time to write the 2nd episode in the ongoing Production blog of this project. And that's good because I want you all to know what's going on. And it's good because that means that everything that can actively be prepared for a shooting day is pretty much "prepared".

Yes, you heard right. And sometimes I have to remind myself too. Time has passed very quickly, a lot of things got done and the first day of shooting is tomorrow Monday June 30th of 2008. 

HAZARDPARKBLOG 06/15/2008 - The Beginning

My Friends,

yeah I'm writing a blog. I never thought I would but here you go and I actually enjoy it! You're kind of talking to no one and everyone at the same time. You're writing a letter to the "internet" and hope that someone reads and possibly likes it. Anyway, this is not why I'm writing.

This is going to be a blog about my current short film production still named the The HAZARD PARK PROJECT. It is called that because I am working in and around Hazard Park in Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles. And it is the territory of a local latino gang.